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4 . 2022



Among the specialties of the humanities and natural sciences, medical education is considered the most prestigious and socially significant. At the same time, among all medical specialties, there is the highest demand for training in dental specialties, this is due to both the high level of income of graduates and the demand for specialists in the labor market. The cost of training in dental programs is high, training is long and laborious, and the stakes in the treatment of patients are high, therefore, in order to reduce the risks of professional burnout and further insolvency as a specialist, one should be more careful in the professional selection of candidates for training. In addition to the standard results of final exams after general education and the results of accreditation after a specialist degree, assessment of professional suitability and career guidance should be introduced for admission to dental universities.

Keywords:medical education; dentistry; dentist; career guidance; career choice; motivation

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For citation: Khaniev A.A., Gasanbekov I.M., Lopatin Z.V. Career guidance and opportunities for medical school applicants. Meditsinskoe obrazovanie i professional’noe razvitie [Medical education and professional development]. 2022; 13 (4): 61–70. DOI: (in Russian)


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Balkizov Zalim Zamirovich
Secretary General of the Russian Society of Medical Education Specialists, Director of the Institute of Training of Medical Education Specialists of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, 125993, Moscow, Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Vocational Education and Educational Technologies of the N.I. Pirogov RNIMU of the MOH of Russia, CEO of GEOTAR-Med, Advisor President of the National Medical Chamber, Moscow, Russian Federation

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