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2 . 2014

Competence: from past to present


There are a lot of international discussions about ambiguity of the term competence. We found in the literature several trends in the history of the formation of the concept of competence. Educational standards in Russia contain lists of competences.

Medical students have to acquire these competences, and medical teachers have to assess them. At the present time, when we try to implement adopted model, it is very important to have comprehensive understanding about not only Russian point of view, but also international attitude towards the competence approach.

Keywords:сompetencet, competence approachs, educational standard

Meditsinskoe obrazovanie i professional’noe razvitie [Medical Education and Professional Development]. 2014; (2): 52–60.

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Balkizov Zalim Zamirovich
Secretary General of the Russian Society of Medical Education Specialists, Director of the Institute of Training of Medical Education Specialists of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, 125993, Moscow, Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Vocational Education and Educational Technologies of the N.I. Pirogov RNIMU of the MOH of Russia, CEO of GEOTAR-Med, Advisor President of the National Medical Chamber, Moscow, Russian Federation

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