Editorial office of the "Medical Education and Professional Development" journal asks to observe the following rules:

  • Please, send all materials to the address isaeva@geotar.ru. The text has to be presented in files with the formatted text (.rtf, .doc, etc.). In the cover letter there has to be an instruction that the provided materials are coordinated with all authors (if those a little).
  • The data presented in the article must be original. Sending of materials that are duplicated in other publications or sent for publication to editorial offices of other journals is not allowed. Editorial office is not responsible for the accuracy of the authors' own clinical research results.
  • All works submitted are subject to scientific review. The editors reserve the right to shorten the published materials and adapt them to various sections of the journal.
  • Textual material is provided in an electronic form: Microsoft Word, Times new Roman, size 12, 1.5 line spacing.
  • The volume of the original article must not exceed 8-10 pages (20 thousand characters); review – 12-15 pages.
  • The cover page shall include: the title of the article (in Russian and English languages). Abbreviations in the title are not allowed; the title must reflect the content of the article. Information regarding each author of the article (in Russian and English languages):

o Full name (initials must be deciphered);

o Academic degree, rank;

o Place of work, position;

o Full name of the institution where the relevant research was conducted (college, department);

o Contact telephone number;

o E-mail.

  • Surname, first name, patronymic, phone number and an e-mail of the contact person (author) must be provided for communications and sending correspondence pertaining to the material submitted to the editors.
  • The article must include an extended abstract (summary) in Russian and English languages. The summary is a brief description of aims and objectives of the research conducted as well as practical application of the results obtained. The abstract comprises: relevance of the research, statement of the problem, solutions to the problem under consideration, results and conclusions. Provision of unnecessary details and specific numbers in the abstract must be avoided.
  • Keywords (required for search systems and classification of articles with respect to topics) must be specified in the article in Russian and English languages.
  • The following sections must be highlighted in the article: “Introduction”, “Materials and Methods” and “Results and discussion”. Important information is provided in bold or italic.
  • Illustrations (graphs, charts, drawings, photographs, tables) are provided as separate files (.tiff, .eps, .psd); captions with corresponding numeration are provided in the text of the article. The size of the image in the file submitted must be equal to its ultimate physical size (in millimeters); 300 dpi resolution must be used.
  • Tables must contain only the necessary data and provide summarized and statistically processed materials.
  • Descriptions of medicinal products must include international non-proprietary names (INN); doses must be thoroughly verified.
  • References in the text are provided in numbers enclosed in square brackets in accordance with the list of references provided at the end of the article where the authors are listed in alphabetical order (Russian authors are mentioned first followed by international ones). The reference list must indicate the following: surname and initials of the author, title of the journal, year, volume, issue, and reference to specific pages. The reference list must not include unpublished works. It is necessary to include reference to relevant Internet resources when citing electronic materials – electronic documents, databases, portals, websites, web pages, etc. The list of references must not contain more than 2–3 online sources. It is recommended to use at least 10 reliable sources to produce a scientific article (at least half must be foreign); review article – not more than 50 sources (at least half must be foreign). At least 5 sources must have been published over the past 2 years and have a high index of international citation.

No fee is charged for publication of manuscripts.

Mail of editorial office: isaeva@geotar.ru